Condoms are one of the most effective ways of contraception. It has the ability to prevent unintended pregnancies as well as sexually transmitted infections. To enjoy the intended benefits of a condom, one must be fully equipped on how to use it properly.

Condoms can fail even when used properly but that is highly unlikely. About 15% of people who use condoms in the wrong way recorded failures. This makes people assume that condoms are not a reliable means of contraception.

Knowledge on the appropriate ways to use them has revealed a high rate of success in contraception with condoms usage. Though there are two kinds of condoms (male and female) used for contraception, the most common one is the male condom (external condom).

The details of this discussion is geared more towards the efficient utilization of the male condom.

1. Checking expiry date:

Like all other products, condoms also have expiry dates. To be able to use condoms and achieve the full benefit one must check the date of expiration on the covering before using. An expired condom may break easily or will be even dried due to the loss of the lubricant which was originally applied on it. This makes it unsafe and unreliable for use.

2. Check for product certification:

Condoms just like any other product on health and economic implications needs several trials and approval to be safe for use. Some of these certification marks you may see are (FDA, ISO, CE) and these markings testify that products are good to be used and are legalized for public use.

3. Carefully open the package:

Though condoms are strong in protection against sexually transmitted infections they are very thin and delicate and can easily break. Open up the package of condoms following the arrow which directs to the demarcated area for tearing. Usage of sharp instruments like scissors or even razor blades can destroy the condom. Usage of the teeth is also another erroneous means of opening the condom.

4. Putting it on:

Condoms are elastic materials and will need a little bit of a push before stretching out to their maximum capacities. It is advisable that condoms are worn when full erections have been achieved. Find the tip of the condom and roll it downwards the penis until the rim of the condom gets to the base of the penis. Remember to leave a little space at the tip of the penis to make way for sperms during ejaculation.

5. Lubricant application:

Application of a lubricant around the condom to prevent the condom from tearing and breaking. Friction during sex will make the process unbearable and will also cause tears and breakages in the condom. It must be noted that the use of oil based lubricants can easily cause breakages in latex condoms. Hence, water based lubricants are of the highest choice in this situation.

6. Removing condoms:

After the discharge of semen (ejaculation), care must be taken to prevent the spilling of semen back into the female’s vagina. The rim of the condom should be held against the base of the penis tightly. Then pull the penis from the partner and then gradually roll down the condom and discard it.

7. Don’t reuse condoms:

A condom can only be used once and not twice. Condoms When washed lose their original structure and make up. Hence, losing their befitting function. It is a very bad practice to use a condom, wash it and reuse it again.

8. Don’t use two condoms:

It is good to want to protect yourself, but using two condoms does not actually provide any extra protection but rather trouble. If a male uses a condom and the partner also uses a condom, friction is increased since two materials will be moving on each other continuously. This makes them prone to breakage.


Condom is one of the most effective ways of contraception and prevention against sexually transmitted infections.

But this benefit is not enjoyed among certain people who use them. This is because of usage errors. Effective usage of condoms provides contraception and protection from STIs.