Have you heard of the “mommy makeover”yet? It is literally a fancy term for bouncing back into shape after delivery. Recently, women are expressing more interest in ways to reinstate their youthful figure after child birth. Some even go the extra mile of undergoing reconstructive surgeries. Snapping back into shape is not as easy as it may sound but it is possible.

Women gain weight during pregnancy and are likely to retain it even after delivery. According to studies, retained weight after childbirth contribute to obesity in most women of childbearing age. Physiologically, weight gain is necessary for the long term health of the mother and the unborn baby as well as the pregnancy. Also, due to the spike in certain hormones and the additional mouth to feed ( the baby), women tend to eat a lot. All these contribute to the weight gaining process during pregnancy.

However, weight gain after delivery bares no physiological importance to neither the mother nor the baby. Even though a number of women have taken interest in postpartum reshaping, a significant number of women are not willing to put in the time and effort it requires. Let’s dive into some ways that will help you get in shape after child birth.

Eat clean

It is very easy to munch out junk food and eat dirty whiles caring for a baby after delivery. Because this was frequently done during pregnancy, you may find it a bit challenging ridding yourself of it.

Cut down the intake of carbohydrates and caloric foods and consume more vegetables and fruits. Eating vegetables and fruits is associated with a lower risk for obesity. It is a great way to keep your weight under control. Moreover, according to studies, by eating more veggies and fruits the baby is more inclined to like those foods themselves. So, it’s a win-win situation.

Exercise more

This step usually goes well when coupled with proper diet; the first step. The combination of exercise and proper diet is more effective at improving weight loss as well as physical function than exercise alone. You don’t have to register for a gym to start exercising. You can start as easy as going for a walking till you’re fit for the more challenging ones.

Some of the exercises you can participate in include yoga, aerobic dancing, stretching, crunches, weight lifting and many more. Consult your doctor first before you begin any strenuous exercises.

Do Some Kegel exercises

When tackling postpartum reshaping, we tend to focus more on physical appearance neglecting the state of the reproductive organ itself. During child birth, the muscles of the pelvic floor tend to weaken. The vagina feels loose and this makes sexual experience less pleasurable. Kegel exercise can help tighten and strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor for a better sexual experience and recovery from child birth.

Have a good night sleep

Poor sleep has been link to increased level of stress which in turn leads to weight gain. Caring for a baby is very stressful and can take a toll on you. Mothers struggle to sleep at night since babies often cry a lot especially during the night. As impossible as it may seem, it advisable that mother’s make time for themselves and have enough rest. This can be done by hiring a caretaker or even a relative to lift some of the burden of your shoulders.

Breastfeed your baby

Busy work schedules and aspirations has made it difficult for modern day mums to breast feed their babies. Research suggests that breastfeeding has a significant influence on weight loss after childbirth birth. Many women have shown a major improvement in their weight within 6 months of postpartum breastfeeding.

Dress good

Nothing compliments a perfect mommy make over like a good looking outfit. Several outfits have been designed purposely to help women bounce back into shape after child birth. Wear a good supportive bra since the breasts tend to be bigger than usual after child birth. Try on postpartum girdles as it aids it back support, provides support during breastfeeding and improves belly shape. Keep your hair styled and wear good shoes. You can be a brand new mommy and still look good.