Tremendous Benefits Of Organic Foods

Organic foods for some time have had enormous preference over its conventional counterparts due to its tremendous benefits. What are organic foods? Basically, the term organic implies natural. Therefore organic foods are crops that are cultivated without the use of artificial additives such as pesticides, artificial fertilizers, ionizing radiation etc. Most of the time organic food is limited to crops forgetting that it encompasses the rearing of livestock.

Organic foods also include animals that a reared without the use of routine antibiotics, genetically modified organisms and growth hormones.
The benefits of consuming organic food come in many folds. A study of diet confirms that people who consume organic food are bestowed tremendous health benefits. However not all food labelled organic may necessarily be organic as some farmers may add a small amount of conversational food additives.

Benefits Of Organic Foods

1. Have Better Taste

When foods are cultivated without the use of boosters, they are able to absorb enough nutrients in the soil. This gives them a unique and natural taste. On the contrary, the addition of fillers, fertilizers, pesticides and others tend to bulk up the crops and livestock and hence dilute the flavours making them less tasty.

2. Contains High Levels of Antioxidants.

Research suggests that organic foods have 18-69% higher concentration of antioxidants compounds. Antioxidants are compounds that provide clear health benefits. It reduces of risk of cardiovascular diseases as well as degenerative diseases and also certain forms of cancers.

3. Reduces Pesticide endangerment

Pesticides contain harmful chemicals that can be detrimental to human health. The use of pesticides has been associated with a number of damaging health consequences, especially in agricultural workers. Pesticides that contain chemicals such as organophosphate induces the onset of cardiovascular diseases. Also, pesticide and herbicide prevent plants from producing enough antioxidants.

4. Contains Essential Nutrients

Organic foods have a suite of benefits including the higher level of essential nutrients they contain. Multiple studies indicate that Organ foods contain essential nutrients such as vitamin C, vitamin E, omega-3 fat, iron, magnesium and phosphorus compared to the non-organic varieties of the same food. However, the nutrient content may vary due to the disparities in soil and maturity of the organic foods.

5. Keeps The Environment safe.

Harmful chemicals in fertilizers, pesticides and others have a negative impact on the environment. They tend to pollute the soil, the air we breathe and the water we drink. Organic farmers don’t use nitrogenous fertilizers nor any form of harmful chemicals. As a result, the environment is protected against these harmful chemicals ensuring a safe place for humans to thrive.


Organic foods are produced according to legally regulated standards and are nutritionally superior compared to the non-organic varieties. Bonafide health benefits from consuming organic have been revealed in terms of boosting the immune system, preventing o cardiovascular diseases, cancer-fighting and in allergic dermatitis. It also promotes the welfare of animals. Consult a dietician for the quantity of organic foods required to ensure an overall healthy life.