Very cliché but golden subject. Think about it, having to go through all the pain, cost as well as time consumption. A harmful result of mere negligence is one of the most unbearable situations one can just not seem to get over.

Illnesses tend to have significant effects on one’s body. Illnesses could primarily weaken one’s immune system making them susceptible to other infections. Illnesses could also progress into a chronic (long-lasting) stage with more complications.

Most often, we see the actions of drugs like some form of magic. But wait! don’t be deceived. Every drug has toxic effects. Drugs are directed toward micro-organisms in human tissue. These drugs need to pass through body tissues to have effects on its target. The action of these drugs in normal body tissues are harmful. This is why pharmacists present dose intervals for drug administration. E.g. Some antibiotics can inhibit the growth of some normal cells which are harmful.

Some antibiotics can inhibit the growth of some normal cells which are harmful

Surgical procedures on the other hand, always tend to leave traces of scars on the skin. They may also present post operational complications. Entering into one’s body and closing up again induces a lot of stress in that area and acutely induces healing mechanisms that may be accompanied by other problems. An example is a surgical procedure in the abdomen, it can lead to obstruction of the bowels after the surgery.

“Prevention Is Better Than Cure”- Desiderius Erasmus

Common preventive procedures 

  • Prophylactic Medications

These are drugs taken due to a risk of being infected. These drugs prepare the body before there is an attack. Infections ideally, do not manifest after prophylactic medications. 

  • Vaccination

Sometimes we have to empower the body’s immune system to fight infections when they arrive. Vaccines contain substances that can induce the immune system’s capability against a particular micro-organism. 

  • Hygiene

Most micro-organisms that cause infections survive well in filthy environments. Encouraging good hygiene keep infections away. 

  • Lifestyle

How one carries themselves is one of the most important elements to keep a good health. Having a good diet, regularly exercising and having an adequate amount of sleep is the best reward you can give to yourself. Dangers associated with certain lifestyles like smoking and drinking is one we ought not to encourage.

In a nut shell, prevention is the best way to go. You can’t equate prevention to any form of cure. Bill Gates stated that “treatment without prevention is simply unsustainable”,  which means one can’t afford to survive if prevention is not key.