First Aid refers to the immediate management of illness or injury, with the aim of promoting recovery, preventing condition from worsening and providing care to preserve life.

Many a times, unforeseen circumstances occur, and what next step to be taken usually ends up worsening or improving the situation.

It’s therefore very important that certain key or basic medical skills are to be acquired by everyone. This encourages a very substantial need to own a complete set of First Aid tool kits at all times.

Below are a couple of basic items that should always be available in case random illnesses or injuries occur.


Distilled water for cleaning wounds

first aid kit

Wounds expose internal tissues to the outside environment which could be potentially fatal if complications arise. It’s therefore very important to clean wounds wiping away foreign materials and keeping wounds fresh for treatment.

Small, Medium and Large sterile gauze dressings

sterile gauze

Sterile gauze dressing is designed to be in direct contact with wound. This tends to promote healing by easing pain, localizing medication, absorbing blood, plasma or fluids emanating from the wound.


bandage gauze

Gauze dressing, splint support and joint/bone support often need a bandage to restrict movement and hold the body part in place to promote healing.

Plaster or adhesive bandage


Small wounds do not require full size bandage. Its often required to protect wound from scab due to friction, dirt and bacterial. Plasters often have some antiseptic properties as well.

Resuscitation equipment (Resuscitation bag, airway or pocket mask)

Resuscitation equipment

This equipment uses positive pressure in a bag to inflate the lungs of a breathless or unconscious person. This procedure enforces breathing mechanically to keep the patient alive. 

Disposable sterile gloves


Cross-contamination between caregivers and patients are very common and can easily be avoided if sterile gloves are worn.


first aid kit

This pair of metal blade that helps make fine cuttings of gauze, bandage etc.

A Splint


Limbs or spine could be severely injured so much that, they would need support and immobilization. This allows the broken bones and damaged joints to receive support structures that will immobilize the area and promote healing.

Digital thermometer

First aid kit

Some common bacterial and viral infections are often associated with fevers. Its therefore important to check the temperature of patients to know the severity and stage of disease progression. High fevers always need immediate medical attention.

Antihistamine spray or cream

Allergic reactions often occur when the body comes in contact with reactive substances. These could result in swelling, flare response, pain and secretions at the infected area.

Antihistamines often supress these reactions and induce healing.

Antibiotic cream

Wounds often get contaminated and hence the need for antibiotic creams if the wound isn’t sterile. This will prevent infection and promote healing.

Antiseptic (Alcohol, Hydrogen Peroxide, Iodine)

Direct antimicrobial substances are used to clean tissues in ulcers or open wounds to decrease the possibility of infection. They tend to increase the sterility of wounds.

Paracetamol, Aspirin, Ibuprofen


Some over-the-counter drugs help in alleviating random headaches, fevers and bodily pains. Care is to be taken on the age of the patient as well as the doses taken. A very common side effect of infants on aspirin is brain damage.

Sticky tapes or Adhesive tapes

first aid kit

Paper, cloth or plastic films with adhesive coated inner lining is often used to hold dressings or bandages in place. It makes a firm binding with its adhesive component.

With these basic materials you will be amazed the great deal of time and money you will save in the long run of treatment.First aid decreases the progression to illness which is important to retain the consciousness of patients, decreasing the overall healing time and avoiding complications.

Preparing patients and keeping them in a good and comfortable position before visiting the hospital is the best initial treatment you can give anyone. We therefore encourage everyone to pick up a keen interest in purchasing these products. Don’t forget to always visit your health care providers after basic management.