7 Reasons why You Must Drink 2 Liters Of Water In A Day

Pure water, though not a nutritional requirement, is an essential substance required for metabolic and nutritional processes. We use it to bath, to cook, mix drinks, and the lot.

However, the amount of it we need on a daily basis differs according to the source. The conventional wisdom is, “drink when you’re thirsty”. Food’s water content and such are supposed to take care of the rest. However, there can be no harm in making sure to take all of it directly, as your allotted 8 ounces, or, 2 Liters, of water daily.


  1. Helps stop, or, prevent constipation

    Ever had that feeling of not being able to have a regular bowel movement? Well, this can be traced to your intake. Although taking in roughage and fibre-laden foods can help in this regard, taking in lots of water can also help in the bowel-easing process.

  2. Helps you reduce portion sizes at meals

    Drinking a glass of water each before and after eating is essential to weight loss. Ostensibly, this reduces appetite, thereby reducing calorie intake and, as a knock-on effect, weight. As a result, there is a link between water intake and weight loss.

  3. Also helps with the formation of certain bodily fluids 

    – Other than excretory fluids – which will be mentioned later, water is a major component in the formation of saliva and mucus, two important bodily fluids. Saliva helps in the lubrication of food ingested pieces (called ‘bolus’), which then enables the food to be moved down along the gullet by waves of movement called peristalsis.

Also, did you know that digestion starts in the mouth? The digestion of carbs starts in the mouth, through the action of an enzyme called Salivary Amylase which breaks down the starch into simpler form, for eventual absorption. Further, the mucus, as we can tell, lubricates the nasal and buccal cavities, just not for digestion.


Drinking lots of water helps you reduce portion sizes at meals

4.Facilitation of excretory processes

As known, the kidneys excrete urine, and the skin excretes sweat. Water is an important component of these excretory products, and enables these body functions to go on. This keeps the body running, as the kidneys filter out undesirable substances. Thus, drinking water is necessary.

5.Is A Cheaper Form Of Hydration

When the weather demands it, hydration using drinking water is a cheaper alternative to store-bought, consumer-facing soft drinks. These drinks, while more expensive for virtually the same effect, have other side effects which are for another discussion. However, water, with its refreshing qualities, has no such effects. However it is a refreshing, cheaper alternative to soft drinks and such.

Now for a couple of less-common ones…

6.Improving of complexion and anti-aging

It’s been suggested that water has anti-aging properties (repeated sources, not just one), that water makes skin appear less dry and cracked (of interest to older persons) and that it makes skin appear smoother and less-lustrous.

7.Prevention of headaches and migraines

Again, this is one that I just can’t ignore, despite my determination to write mostly based on prior knowledge ( you know, as in apply what we can rather than introduce all-new concepts and reasonings). Anyway, the brain is apparently ¾ water. So more water leads to better brain function. Less, and the headaches and migraines start setting in. Thus, a good amount of water makes for a healthy brain…

So here are just a few of the reasons why drinking so much water a day is generally recommended (8 glasses, people).