5 Ways to Deal with Depression

I am sure many of you can remember a day or time when you were discouraged, upset, or even sad. You had a terrible day at work, bad grades from school, or even a pet died. You had a fight with your boyfriend/girlfriend, and you were sad. That is natural and okay.

Days turn into weeks, weeks into months and eventually time passes away and you feel better. Nonetheless when you are depressed, it never passes away; it continuously builds up. It could be due to stress from family, emotional abuse, bullying from school or even from social media which may tend to threaten self-image and self-worth.


Here are five (5) daily habits to help you combat depression:



This does not necessarily mean you should be praying to a Christian God or any specific belief system. This is just talking about putting it outside of the universe you need help and you are looking for strength. This invokes the feeling that you are not doing this alone. You can additionally play calm soothing music to help concentrate even more if you are not big on prayer.



Blood circulates throughout your entire body when exercising as it allows the free flow of oxygen reaching the muscles and whole body.  This activates your body and minimises stress levels. Exercises that help in minimising stress include brisk walks, running on the treadmill, weight lifting, etc.

3. Do something spontaneous

Doing something outside your daily routine not only reduces stress but also brings you a sense of accomplishment.  You can learn a new skill such as baking or learning a new language. Do not listen to that voice that tells you to be alone. Surround yourself with people who love and care about you.


Food High in selenium such as lean meat help improve your mood

4. Eat Healthy

Diets high in processed foods, added sugar and other artificial additives are generally not healthy or good for the body. Find a healthy diet you can stick to and control. Depressed people tend to eat foods such as doughnuts, chocolates, ice cream, etc but these only give temporary relief.

The food you eat can help improve your mood and calm your anxious mind and end unnecessary cravings. Food high in selenium such as beans, lean meat (pork, beef, chicken breast), low fat dairy foods, etc can help improve your mood massively. ’’Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food’’.     Attributed of Hippocrates.

5. Keeping a Gratitude Journal

Naturally when you’re are depressed, you automatically send negative energy to the universe. Each day write down at least 5 things you are grateful for. This starts to train your brain to see positively and also gives off positive energy.

You sometimes feel fuzzy, foggy, hopeless or seem to have had a long day of depression and anxiety are not grateful for anything. It’s okay to write down the same things over and over again as long as you are writing down something you are grateful and thankful for.

Example: I am grateful I have food to eat today, I am grateful I have warm clothes to wear, I am grateful I have a sound and stable mind. Always remember, no matter how bad your day is, write down things you are grateful for.

It may seem unnatural to write down things you  are grateful for when you are feeling hopeless and sad, but remember gratitude makes your see the good things you do not realise you have.  You can start by getting a small notebook  or even using your notepad app on your phone if you don’t want to put pen to paper.