Acne… That scourge of the skin… What are we going to do about it? 

So first of all, Acne is the unfortunate result of the hair follicles (glands that produce the hair) being clogged up with oil and/or dead skin cells alike.

Now, hair follicles normally have dead skin cells in them. But when they are too many, this condition results (Acne in the form of blackheads -without inflammation-, pus-filled pimples, and of course large, red bumps -but darker for black skin, I guess). Source – Mayo Clinic website

But then again, we have to be able to cure it, don’t we? Or at least mitigate its side effects, right? Well, help is here for you then. This article seeks to provide a few home remedies, cost-free ways of treating acne. Store-bought, over-the-shelf remedies are also expounded upon here.

(Disclaimer: Note that this stops short of medical advice, which, if your case is extreme, you should seek, from a certified healthcare professional – doctor, maybe).

Aloe Vera


Seriously, this one springs to mind without any thought, without digging through reams of web articles for obscure treatments (which presumably haven’t caught the attention of the general public yet).

So did you know that aloe vera is actually the plant’s scientific name? (This bit I actually gleaned from Wikipedia).

Anyway, so the plant Aloe vera secretes a gel, which when applied topically, is reputed to clear all stubborn forms of Acne. (Note that, according to Webmd, Acne mostly occurs in teenagers, so at this age its use might be limited at this stage).

However, for adults, a topical application of the gel might be able to rid the more stubborn forms of Acne. This is from watching others use it, of course.

Anyway, it works, is all-natural, and can even be cultivated at home. So next time you feel an itch coming on (metaphorically -speaking, you might want to break off a bit of aloe and apply, rather than reach for your off-the-counter topical steroids.


Granted, this generally is NOT recommended. A hands-off approach, that is, hands directly off the pimple or blackhead, is recommended. Under no circumstances should popping be used on the angry, red (or black) large variations of the Acne. But for ordinary pimples and blackheads, popping, while not generally recommended, may be fine.

The conventional wisdom behind popping is that the pus (material inside it), is expressed during the squeezing. However, as I’m sure we’ve all seen, attempting to pop the pimple and blackhead can result in some unfortunate effects. What we are trying to push out, while some might indeed be pushed out, might rather spread subcutaneously (underneath the skin). This can cause the infection to rage, and morph into something worse than it initially was.

But isn’t it so satisfying? Yes, pimple-popping is not recommended, but when you get it right… Oh yes!

So, pimple-popping… aye or nay? I will say yes, but as with all home remedies… exercise caution!!!


But now, there’s only so much way that home remedies can go. Let’s now go for some store-bought remedies for this ailment, or at least a home remedy in store-bought form ( without reiterating any of the whole remedies, of course).

3. Broad-spectrum medical treatments

Broad spectrum is mentioned here because, there are a broad range of medical treatments which can be used. With regards to vitamins and minerals, taking of Vitamin A supplements, as well as those of zinc, has been advocated. The former is cited by the website of the Mayo Clinic. The latter is in a number of food blogs on suggested home remedies (though it needs a medical prescription, presumptuously). Also, topical treatments applied over the Acne reduce swelling. They might be worth a look, but the names don’t roll right off the tongue, so if you’re going to a doctor or pharmacist anyway, he might know them. No need for me to, beyond vitamin A and zinc…

Furthermore, antibiotics also help fight the underlying infection, without the nasty possible side effects of inorganic chemicals.

Take more of foods contaning omega 3 such as Tuna or Salmon

4. Also avoid,… take more of…

Foods containing omega 6 fatty acids (linoleic acids) have been shown to cause the inflammation typically associated with Acne. Conversely, its companion, omega 3, (relative to the number of carbon atoms – biochem stuff ) that is, linolenic acid, causes an easing of the swelling associated with this condition. Rule of thumb: fish oils are good (omega 3s), nut oils, not so much (omega 6s).

5. And finally… Prevention.

This could be by using simple prophylactic means, such as bathing…simple, I know, using of face towels before and after baths, moisturising daily… You know the lot. Such fixes are a dime a dozen… Aren’t they?

Or, they could be an amalgam of the means mentioned here. A treatment of aloe vera before or after bathing, even when not affected with Acne, inspecting your face regularly for the faintest sign of abnormal skin lesions, or whatever else I’ve mentioned here (could also include medicated soaps and such for regular bathing…) anything to get ahead of said infection.