Blood pressure is the force exerted on the walls of blood vessels which allows the successful pumping of blood throughout the body.  Sometimes, due to certain imbalances this pressure may either increase or decrease.

This is totally normal as long as it quickly resolves to normal once these imbalances are gone..  That being said, should this changes in blood pressure be persistent for far too long, it may lead to severe health problems.  When blood pressure increases it is termed hypertension.

As humans, we get accustomed to certain habits which becomes a normal lifestyle. But, some of these habits are unhealthy and predispose us to hypertension (essential hypertension ). High blood pressure usually goes undetected for a long time until it has caused lots of damages. We must all do our best to adapt positive habits to ensure that such instances don’t happen.



As the world evolves, human nature and society grow complex. Living becomes a survival battle, and situations get more difficult to deal with. Most times, our home seem like the best place to release stress but this may not be, due to petty quarrels between spouses, siblings and other family members.  It is very important to know that stressing too much increases blood pressure. Our body responds to stress by exciting the nervous system to release large amounts of hormones. These hormones (catecholamines, vasopressin, cortisol) constrict blood vessels which then causes a raise in blood pressure.

  •  ANGER

Anger is essentially a normal emotional response to provocations and displeasure. However, intense demonstration of it has deleterious health consequences.  Anger is very crucial in the development of a high blood pressure. People with chronic anger issues are at a higher risk of hypertension. When we get angry, our heart beats faster. As it persists, our vessels begin to narrow causing hypertension.


As a worker, you probably send some of your work home for final touches through the night. As a student, you stay up all night trying to grasp what was taught in class. You happen to be an idle person, you find yourself winding up on social media till daybreak. All these affects our nightly sleep duration. Sleeping too much or too less elevates blood pressure by stimulating sympathetic activities. Effects are extreme if you sleep less than 6 hours or more than 10 hours. 


Regular exercises are a great way to be rid of hypertension. Since it releases hormones that dilate our vessels and ensures proper blood flow. Inactivity decreases the muscle tone of our blood vessels causing it to down-regulate blood flow. This then stimulate the release of vasoconstriction hormones and hence increases blood pressure. Next time you feel bored at home, step out and take walk.


What we eat affects our health in numerous ways. Foods that contain too much saturated fatty acids, trans fatty acids, salt and sugar increases the risk for hypertension. By sticking to a healthy meal plan, the chances of high blood pressure reduces.