Cold, a condition that everybody has suffered from; young or old, boy or girl, we all have become victims of cold in one way or the other. It is worth mentioning that, cold particularly has its season, but of course one can get it anytime too.

Remembering one time at the office, I had just bragged in front of my work colleagues that I do not get ill. How I wished I did not utter such a statement. But I said this because, very often my colleagues complained of petty illnesses. So I would wonder why they easily fall sick. Was it because I have stayed all my life in my homeland and therefore my migration into the diaspora offers me an upper hand over them when it comes to illnesses? In other words, do I have a stronger immune system? Well, I do not know if that was the case but as compared to my fellow friends abroad, they frequently fall sick than I do. And after bragging on this, guess what happened to me? Right after priding myself of hardly falling sick, I was down with cold the next morning. That irritating feeling lasted not just a day or two but for 12 days. Even though most people usually recover from cold in a week or 10 days. Afterwards, I learnt a big lesson: Never to brag when things are going right for me.

“Having enough rest, staying hydrated and taking garlic are some of the home remedies for cold.”

What then is cold?

Cold is a viral infectious disease of the upper respiratory tract that primarily affect the nasal cavity. Often times, the signs and symptoms may appear two days after one gets exposed to the virus.

What to expect when you catch a cold

The symptoms associated with cold are as follows:

• Runny or stuffy nose
• Sore throat
• Cough
• Congestion
• Sneezing
• Mild headache
• Low grade-fever

5 Remedies for cold you can try at home:

It is actually not about whether or not there are remedies for cold. The main concern is whether if these remedies are effective, because there are numerous remedies available. You don’t necessarily have to go through life thinking cold can be cured. However what you can be hopeful of is that certain remedies can tremendously help to ease the symptoms and keep you back on the road to enjoying a normal life again. So let’s take a look at these:

1. First and foremost one needs enough rest. This could be in the form of sleep because your body does need to heal.

2. Staying hydrated: When having a cold, one is most likely to lose fluid. As a result, it is necessary to replace these through drinking of water, fresh fruit juice, clear broth or warm lemon water with honey.

This will help loosen the congestion as well as prevent dehydration. It is even better to sip warm liquids.
Note: The intake of alcohol, coffee and caffeinated sodas can only worsen dehydration.

3. Soothe a sore throat: A saltwater gargle – ¼ to ½ teaspoon salt dissolved in an 8-ounce glass of warm water temporarily relieves a sore or scratchy throat

4. Combat stuffiness: Over-the-counter saline nasal drops and sprays can help relieve stuffiness and congestion.

5. Immune-Boosting Garlic Toast: Anyone wanting the best way to overcome cold symptoms must overcome the cold itself, and garlic possesses micronutrients that can boost the immune system to fight those stubborn viruses. Add just raw garlic to anything and take it.

Cold remedies that don’t usually work:
• Antibiotics: It is widely spread that during cold, one should take antibiotics. This idea is not right because antibiotics attack bacteria, but are not in the position to fight against cold viruses. So avoid demanding them from your doctor because abuse of it can even lead to serious infections caused by antibiotic-resistant bacteria.
• Over-the-counter cold and cough medications in young children: This has the ability to cause grave and even life-threatening side effects among children.