STROKE – causes, warning signs, types & more.

Stroke is a devastating condition and in simple terms, it mostly results from decreased or absence of blood flow to a part of the brain caused by a blood clot lodging in a brain blood vessel from the heart or
a neck vessel; or a bleed from a ruptured brain blood vessel. There are other lesser causes of stroke we will not discuss here.

Apart from stroke, you should also be aware of another condition called “ Transient Ischemic Attack ” or
TIA also known as “ mini-stroke ”. In this condition, similar symptoms will last up to 24 hours and will then resolve completely.

People tend to be quite frightened of stroke because of the resulting physical effects which may include:

  •  difficulty in walking
  • speech problems
  • not able to use an arm or leg on one side of the body
  • swallowing difficulties
  • memory issues
  • vision problems
  • being bedridden

No one wants to get a stroke due to the limitations it results in, in addition to the burden it may put on caregivers of the victim.


Stroke Prevention

*Get these 4 Big Diseases under control because they put one at increased risk to TIA and stroke. – Hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol and an irregular heartbeat called Atrial fibrillation (A Fib).

*You can work with your doctor or health care provider to get these 4 biggies under control by making
sure you take any prescribed medicines regularly.

*schedule office visits and Lab work periodically for checkups

Atrial Fibrillation

Most people may not know much about Atrial fibrillation but it can cause blood clots to form in the heart which can eventually go and lodge in the brain.

In A-Fib, there are usually problems with your heart rate(it beats fast) and the Rhythm beats irregularly.

Treatment may include:

● blood thinners to prevent clot formation
● Medicines to slow down your heart rate
● Medicines or a heart procedure to convert your irregular rhythm to a normal one. These medicines need to be taken as prescribed. Please don’t stop any of them without talking to your health care provider.

* If you experience a TIA you will need a full investigation done and put on stroke prevention medicine, because it can lead to a full stroke in a short time.

Recent research has shown how very simple things can also prevent a stroke.

These are:

  • Getting enough sleep – 7 to 8 hours advised. This gives you enough energy to face your day and many metabolic processes occur while you sleep.
  • Spent time with people. Studies show isolated folks have a higher risk for stroke
  • Move your body. Just 30 mins of exercise a day lowers your risk for stroke. Walking is the cheapest form of exercise. Go for walks with a buddy or walk and pray. If paying for a gym will make you go then get a membership.

Healthy eating helps blood pressure, weight issues and diabetes. Moderation is key when it comes to food choices.
Prevent TIA and Stroke by practicing the above.