7 Prostate Cancer Symptoms You Should Never Ignore

Prostate cancer…that omen of all ills. As we may know, cancer refers to an abnormal growth of cells, anywhere in the body…anywhere at all. We have melanomas, carcinomas, haematomas…what have you (Grey’s Anatomy, anyone?). They can manifest pretty much anywhere in the body.

However, the one I’m talking about occurs in the prostate gland… I’m talking reproduction. Whereas women have ovaries, men have a prostate…

So here’s what to do when you spot symptoms of prostate cancer… Or, rather, why those symptoms are. 

Here are SEVEN possible symptoms of prostate cancer that you should NEVER ignore!!!:


1. Painful burning sensation in passing urine

Well, this explains itself. This may be a passing infection, an STD (more serious, but eminently treatable), or, a symptom of prostate cancer in your system. Get it checked, people…

2. Poor retention of urine

All these problems seem interrelated, and may be symptoms of a greater malaise. Sure, a loose bladder may be exactly that…a loose bladder. But it may not be. Get that scan, gents.

3. Bloody semen and/or urine

So, now it comes to the little swimmers… So these can become laced with blood, and so, of course, can your urine. Since they come from the same orifice, it’s possible. One urethra, releasing both streams. If there’s an infection, it could literally be bloody…

The American Cancer Society’s estimates for prostate cancer in the United States for 2019 are:

  • About 174,650 new cases of prostate cancer
  • About 31,620 deaths from prostate cancer

4. Leakages of urine

So this refers to unexpected urine passage, either through sharp, unexpected action, inactivity, or, just sudden urges to pass urine, or anything else that can cause temporary loss of bladder control. Basically, urine leakages may be a symptom of a greater malaise. Get it checked out…

There are a couple of minor urinary symptoms which count, but they aren’t as clear-cut or as easy to picture, but here goes…

5. Dribbling of urine

Imagine giving a baby food or water? Visualize the food ‘dribbling’ out the side of or down the front of his mouth, down to his apron or onto her clothes. That’s dribble, people. Now can you imagine the latter effect in urinating? Wouldn’t that be bad?

6. Difficulty in starting and keeping an even flow of urine going

So, this one explains itself. So, trying to urinate… It’s coming, it’s not ‘dribbling’. But you’re trying to keep it steady, to make more come at a time… But it’s not coming. You can attribute it to be a ‘bad day at the office’, but then again, it may not be. It really may not …

7. Finally, the seventh symptom is, wait for it, NONE!!!

This is our loving way of saying, ‘get regular checkups, as regular as you can afford’. This will help nip infections in the bud, so that even if you have prostate cancer, you can get it checked out early enough. Because, there are different stages, classed by degree to which the cancer has spread.

An early diagnosis can make all the difference. Also, a medical diagnosis is always necessary, to forestall the application of various home remedies, which may or may not be effective.