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HealthySlide Inc. (“us”, “we”, or “our”) also serves as an advertising platform. Due to the high volume of traffic on our website, we open our doors to prospective advertisers to run their adverts on (the “Service”).

We can boast of a thriving internet presence which has seen scores of visitors trooping to our site daily. Advertising with us would imply that you are willing to conform to the policies we have outlined on this page.

Prohibited content, products and services

If you want to advertise with HealthySlide Inc, we have laid out the following policies for our advertisers to adhere to. We (the “Service”) would not allow the following adverts:

  • Adverts that are sexually inappropriate, pornographic, contain or exhibit nudity: We would not approve the display of adverts that would show sensitive parts of the body.
  •  Adverts that can cause ethnic, racial or religious uproar: Any advert that incites negative sentiment against ethnicity, religion or race is strongly prohibited.
  •  Adverts that contain insults or profanity: Adverts that inculcate the use of strong language and words that are meant to humiliate, discriminate or belittle an individual or a particular group of people will not be allowed.
  •  Graphic, disgusting, and unsettling: Adverts should not contain any content that is gory in nature, and causes gross discomfort to others.
  •  Illegal products and services: Narcotics, contraband and all other forms of banned products and services would not be advertised on our website.
  •  Tobacco and alcoholic products: No product made from tobacco or alcoholic substance would be advertised on our website.
  •  Adult Products: Products such as aphrodisiacs, ecstasy, and other form of adverts that promote sexual enhancement.
  •  Malware: Adverts must not contain any spyware or software that would trick or deceive users who click on them. Adverts that redirect users to fraudulent sites to syphon sensitive data will be flagged and the necessary punitive action would be taken on the advertiser.
  •  Selling of Human Organs/Parts: We will never allow adverts that would promote the sale of human organs/parts on our website.
  •  Misleading Adverts: Adverts that are in no relation to its intended purpose; bearing an ulterior motive which is in itself a deception, are not allowed on our website.

Other Prohibitions

Adverts must not lead to the unapproved acquisition of information such as:

  • Username or password
  •  Financial details
  •  Insurance information
  •  Racial or ethnic identity
  •  Health information
  •  Religious affiliation/background
  •  Sexual Orientation

Advertisers are to understand and comply strictly with the guidelines/rules and policies underscored by HealthySlide Inc. Failure to comply may result in termination of agreements and, in severe cases, legal action such as lawsuits and prosecution.

These policies are subject to change, and may take effect without prior notice. You may also want to contact us for further clarification.

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